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Adaptation and Blogging

By ginaschmeling   /     May 30, 2013  /     Fundraising, Nonprofits, Social Media Series  /     0 Comment

I think our digital presence has organic character.  A way to breathe and feel human and connected.  At best, our online “self” is dynamic and curious and a bit of a kook, just like real life.

A year ago, I  started to consult, mainly curating appeals for non-profits.  I was a newbie on LinkedIn, had my first web site, and planned to blog.  I admit putting it far off on the horizon. The as yet unwritten blog would be a public report. Showing new knowledge, sharing some moves.

It horrified me to start blogging.  It seemed indulgent and a little fake.

I have a more rational and affectionate relationship with my blog now.  I’d like to give it a better name — something true to my merged souls:  runner,  non-profit maniac, asker of donations, innovation enthusiast, urbanist.  The name will emerge.  For now, we had to make a move.

Away from Blogger, though I am fond of it, into WordPress.  Crisper, easier to manage, better integrated with my site.

I almost didn’t realize that the old skin was holding me back. The new Gina Schmeling Fundraising can adapt and grow.  I know non-profits, and I know how to raise money.  I hope these online facets of my work move us along together.

For blogging individuals or organizations, I challenge you to ask if your blog has a spark of you.  Something innate and real.  Something that makes you see yourself as you are.

My first offering here is a social media how-to series.  For non-profits and the individuals who love them. LinkedIn will be first, then Facebook and Twitter.  As my life-long friend Maurie would say, more soon.



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