Paris Fundrunning

Paris Fundrunning

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Eiffel TowerA week ago today I ran the Paris Marathon.  I raised money for my charity, ran with my team, and had a remarkable out of country experience.

I started distance running about the same time I began consulting.  After years as a staffer working membership programs, I wanted to explore new turf.  Find out how different organizations relate to their donors.  And kick up my knowledge of fundraising with social media.

The running is personal.  I enjoy it, and have found the stereotypes largely true.  My life has changed, I’ve met incredible people, and I feel connected to city life by traversing streets, paths, and bridges.  After the long walk home on 9/11, running gives me peace in NYC.

Fundraising when I run is my value added.  Setting a goal, working with great organizations and trying new techniques bring my work into focus.  For charity race entry,  I employ different asks and acknowledgements.  I put myself out there. The scale is utterly different, but I believe it helps me encourage clients to take risks.

Blending my personal and professional pursuits moves me forward.  I’m proud of the money I raised to run in Paris for Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.  The fundrunning went very well!  I’m equally pleased to have been one of 1000 US runners in a field of 38,000 finishers.

I’m honing my skills and offerings this year.  An emphasis on the new and innovative, with a steady eye on stewardship and donor relations.  Stronger, efficient programs with clear, insightful messages.

I don’t usually promote or share race photos.  But this post is about transparency and freeing my activities from distinct corrals.  I look forward to more challenges, discoveries and team work.  Merci.

Paris Marathon

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