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I saw Girl Rising this week.  And was lucky to meet journalist and filmmaker Holly Gordon.

The film is extraordinary, the stories powerful, and the girls amazing.

The message is simple:  when girls are educated, health, economics and all quality of life factors rise.  Educating girls counters horrifying cycles of violence, child marriage, and even child slavery.

It is one thing we can do to make change real.  10×10 (10 girls, 10 in-country story tellers) is the organization behind the message.

Their infrastructure is compelling.  Donate to 10×10, and money is equally distributed to partner organizations promoting girls’ education and literacy.

I asked Holly whether the project would morph into a nonprofit.  She said it was a campaign.  The clarity of that one word snapped much into focus.

This moment is about impact, social good, wide reach, and the democratizing thrill of social media. I still believe there are ways for traditional fundraising techniques to lift giving and strengthen relationships.  Treating donors not as members, but as players, participants, partners could be key.

See the film, spread the word, and definitely support the campaign.

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