A Start

A Start

By ginaschmeling   /     Dec 12, 2012  /     Nonprofits, Running  /  

The energy at the start is unusual.

Runners are twitchy.  Most trained up and ready.  Some there for fun, health, ego.

Running as metaphor is an easy fit for me.  Perhaps too easy.  Fundraisers and runners love numbers.  Wild for them.  We hang our success on our low numbers (runners) and gauge our program’s vitality on high ones (you follow me, yes?).  Get distance runners together, and terms like “split” or PR punctuate the discussion.  With fundraisers, “response rate” and “average gift” or, even better, “sustainer” are our audibles.

But there is no place like the start.  Where the planning, thinking, training and testing pull together.

That’s what I most look forward to with my new professional projects.  Enjoying the launch, meeting new clients, and bringing my skills to today’s bold philanthropic culture.

These posts will relay my discoveries.  This is the first, and I’m privileged to work with two fantastic clients currently. I have goals for my work that will stretch me, and them.  I’m optimistic and ready.

Thanks for reading.

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